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QTY 8 VMAX XTR12-155 12V 155Ah AGM SLA Battery Upgrade for Polaris EV Ranger FREE SHIPPING

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Your Price: $2,599.99
Part Number: XTR12-155-8
Availability: In Stock. Free Shipping.
VMAXTANKS™ XTR12-155 AGM Batteries

Replace & Upgrade Batteries in your Polaris Ranger EV!
8 XTR12-155 12V 155Ah High Performance, Maintenance Free Batteries

Here is a link to a video with instructions on how to change the charging profile:
Heavy duty Xtreme Series features faster charge delivery and superior deep cycle capabilities
Dimensions: 12.9"L x 6.9"W x 10"H (10.8"H including terminals)

5.0 out of 5 stars Great upgrade vs. Ranger EV OEM batteries!, October 9, 2016
Verified Purchase
"These batteries are an awesome upgrade over the standard batteries in a Polaris Ranger EV. I installed them yesterday. They fit with no problem. They do not require filling with water, they are permanently sealed and maintenance free. They arrived extremely quickly (in two days) and they were already charged. I have already charged them after using them with no problem. They seem to last a lot longer after fully charged than the OEM batteries. I can not say for sure because it has been a long time since my OEM batteries worked like new. My batteries were 3-1/2 years old and corrosion had eaten through 3 of the battery cables and one of the battery terminals, and that was after I had maintained them a few times over the years with distilled water and cleaned the terminals at least twice. Polaris should have made these the standard batteries instead of selling us the poor quality OEM batteries. The dealer was going to charge me more for new OEM batteries than the cost of these vastly superior batteries, and then I would still have had to pay for the installation (I did not have that quoted because their service department never came to the phone after the parts dept. gave me the cost of the batteries). I cannot emphasize enough how happy I am with this purchase."

AGM Electrolyte Suspension System

Custom Built Military Grade Alloys

Maintenance free Operation

Fast Charge Delivery Capabilities

Extremely Low Self Discharge Rate

Extreme Vibrations, Heat and Weather resistant

Sealed Non-Spillable Non Hazardous Construction

Maximum Power Density and Deep Cycle Capabilities


 Don’t settle for an average Lead Acid Battery, Choose a VMAX CHARGE TANK

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