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VSG12-100 12Volts, 100AH AGM Solar Generator Package

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Part Number: VSG-PKG
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1300Wh DC Solar Generator.
 Nominal Voltage20Hr CapacityRC (min)
 Terminal Posts DimensionsWeight
Solar PanelAC Charging Current*
Charging Voltage
Float Voltage
 1.308mm (included)
12.9"w x 6.8"d x 9.8"h73lb

Recommended Charging Options:
  • Solar Panel: 200W Max, 15V-18V with MC4 plug.
  • AC Chargers: Any Quality Brand AGM- Smart & Microprocessor controlled- charger with the recommended specs above can be used.
The VSG1-100 is the smart solution to provide portable DC power for backup or outdoor use.  With its Plug-In design, no wiring, controllers or inverters are needed. 

Up to 200W solar panel with MC4 plug can be used to recharge the VSG12-100 generator via the MC4 to 2Pin cable adapter included with generator.

If need to, the VSG12-100 generator can also be charged using an AGM 8A-30A AC charger.

Key Features:

100Ah AGM High Performance Deep Cycle battery. Sealed and maintenance free.

12V 5A 3pin (Left+, Right -) output for DC Fan, DC TV, CPAP and other appliances .... A cigarette lighter socket with 2ft cable (included) can also be used if needed.

Up to 5 DC outputs for 7W LED lighting bulbs with 10ft cables. Unit comes with 1 bulb. Extra bulbs are optional.

Dual 5V DC USB output sockets for charging mobile devices.

2 pin Solar input (Left +, Right -) solar input for use with up to 200W, 15-18V solar panel. A 2ft cable with MC4 plugs is included.

AGM/GEL/WET Battery selector. The VSG12-100 is set and fixed to AGM by default.

Solar Charge / Battery Discharge indicator.

Battery capacity indicator.

System ON/OFF switch.

Operating Temperature Range:

  • Discharge: -4~140F
  • Charge:     14~140F
  • Storage:     -4~140F

Temperature Compensation:

  • Cycle use:     -30mV/C
  • Standby use: -20mV/C


BCI Group Codes*:
       Matching Termination:  31 (+ on L.H.S. & - on R.H.S)

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